Jewelry Care

Style with Sue Snap Jewelry

Style with Sue jewelry is Fashion Jewelry. Unlike Fine Jewelry (i.e. sterling silver, 24k gold), fashion jewelry is not meant to last forever, and will lose it’s shiny coating over time. However, here are some jewelry care tips to keep your fashion jewelry looking beautiful for as along as possible…

Do Not…

  • Metal jewelry does not like water. Do not wear your jewelry while bathing/showering, swimming, in whirlpools or spas, washing dishes, washing hands, or during times of excessive sweating (i.e. working out at the gym).
  • NEVER use liquid jewelry cleaners to clean fashion jewelry, as it will strip the plating and permanently damage your jewelry.
  • Do not use perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, and sunscreens where your jewelry will touch.
  • Do not wear your jewelry while sleeping.


  • Remove your rings and bracelets while washing your hands.
  • Take off your jewelry before cleaning with chemicals.
  • Clean your jewelry with a DRY soft cloth, or jewelry cleaning cloth.
  • Store your jewelry separately in a jewelry box, jewelry armoire, jewelry bag, etc.

Great tip…

Your fashion jewelry should be the LAST thing you put on before leaving the house, and the FIRST thing that you take off when getting back home. And remember that body/hand oils react with jewelry and some people naturally have more oils and more body sweat that others.

If you find that your jewelry does not last, despite following the tips above, you may just be an individual that can only wear fine jewelry.

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