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J. Elizabeth Boutique offers trendy and customizable tees and tanks, boutique clothing, hats, and accessories. Choose your favorite to express your individuality! Link opens to a new site.

Customizable Snap Jewelry

Change your look in a snap with fully customizable and interchangeable snap jewelry! Change your snap to match your outfit, your mood, or a special event. Shop directly from this website.

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Coming Soon! Natural stone, lava beads, and stainless steel lockets. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and reap their benefits for hours. Shop directly from this website.

Welcome to Style with Sue!


Hi, I'm Suzanne, a wife, mother, registered nurse, natural health enthusiast, crafter, and fashionista wannabe. While I love high-end fashion looks, I can rarely accomplish them. I prefer a nice pair of jeans and a super cute tee, down-to-earth BoHo style.

I've never been a jewelry hoarder. A few simple pieces are all I need. Bonus points for being customizable/interchangeable, so I don't have to make any long-term commitments. Sorry jewelry, I've got enough of those in my life. And even bigger points for being functional... did you know that you can can reap the benefits of essential oils all day by placing a few drops on some lava bead jewelry? Game changer.

I started this site as a way to share some of my favorite products, and the blog to share ideas. Feel free to shop, comment, and share. I hope to hear from you soon!



J. Elizabeth Boutique, Independent Stylist

Customize a t-shirt or tank top with J. Elizabeth Boutique. There are plenty of sayings to choose from, simply pick your color and size. Check out the fun boutique accessories while you're at it. Currently available in the USA and Canada.